With a dynamic trading infrastructure, we ensure all our customers’ requirements are met from a large basket of suppliers, always keeping timely delivery and quality at the peak of priority.


We have rich experience in catering to the specific needs of Shipbuilding Industry by supplying steel plates in different dimensions and meeting critical delivery conditions such as, ”As Rolled, Normalized, Clad, Shot Blasted & Painted”, Structural sections, Bulb Flats and Tubulars (Seamless and Welded) for specific applications like Hull and Turret Fabrication, Topsides Modules etc.

We continue to supply large volume of Structural Sections, HR Plates and Hollow Sections for construction of Mega structures like Bridges, Airport Concourse, Stadia, Railways Stations, High Rise Buildings and Malls in the GCC region.


We have an impeccable record of servicing some of the most prestigious projects (see attached list) and we have consistently kept our position in this sector ahead of our competitors. We have supplied several thousand tons of Plates and Equal Angles for Power Plants, Transmission Line Towers, Wind Mill Farms and Hydro-Electric Power Plants.

Wind Farms: Plates for Towers; High Strength Plates for Monopiles

Hydro-Electric Power: High Strength Quenched & Tempered and TMCP Plates for the Penstocks; Boiler & Pressure Vessel Plates; Reinforcing Bar and Mesh for Dam Construction

With our formidable presence in Industrial Construction sector, we are always a preferred supplier to our buyers who see us as a responsible and trusted partner with capabilities to service any size of the project requirement without any constraints. We continue to grow our presence in supplying steel for Super Structures, Boilers, Factory Buildings, Aluminium Smelters, Pot Shells etc.