The organization structure of Star Global provides for clear lines of reporting, accountability and responsibility to support appropriate, open and transparent decision-making processes. ​

We operate within a risk management framework for managing operational risks in addition to market and credit risks. We have adequate control systems such as insurance coverage, contract conditions, credit assessments and effective hedging mechanism in place to cope up with any adverse consequences of external risk. Our risk management framework is intended to provide comprehensive controls, monitoring and reporting while continually inform and train employees to become more aware of operational risks stemming from inadequate controls and or business disruptions and their potential impact on the organization. ​

At Star Global, every department functions within the frame work of internal control systems and processes laid down by the Senior Management. Each department has a pre-defined Key Results Areas (KRA’s), and these capture about 80% of the department’s work role. The remainders are devoted to areas of shared responsibility. We, on continual basis, evaluate performance of each department against set KRAs. This has helped us to achieve perfection in our business processes with near to zero error. We strive to improve and update the KRA’s, in line with the changes to the external environment we operate in. ​

​ We adhere to the Sanctions and abide by the applicable local laws; regulations and prohibition orders imposed by international, national and supranational governments/organizations and ensure that all transactions undergo necessary compliance/due diligence procedures.​