​With a strong presence in coal segment, Star Global is positioned to offer unique value proposition to its customers and partners.

We supply a wide spectrum of Coal products to suit various buyers’ requirement by understanding the importance of critical parameters like IM, VM, S, HGI and other constituents which play a vital role in usage of Coal.

Our target markets are Indian subcontinent and South East Asia. Being strategically located, our major focus is on thermal power plants (low ~ mid rank coal), Cement plants (high rank & off-specification coal), Sponge Iron plants (high carbon coal from South Africa) and Paper industries (specific grades).

Our long term off-take arrangements with reputed mines give us a competitive edge.

Indonesian 3400 GAR, 3600 GAR, 3800 GAR, 4200 GAR, 4800 GAR, 5000 GAR, 5500 GAR,5800 GAR, 6000 GAR, 6300 GAR, 6500 GAR & 6700 GAR
South African RB1, RB2, RB3 & Off–Specification coal
USA Above 6000 NAR

Hard, Semi-Soft & Soft Coking Coal