Working at Star Global

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

We aim to develop a workforce that is diversified, passionate and driven at all levels of our business.

At Star Global, our people are at the heart of our business. We are proud of developing a work culture that is permeating with values of high integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity and mutual respect among our employees.  To stand apart in this changing world, we actively engage our people to create an integrated and a better equipped organization.

We are achieving performance excellence by meritocracy, transparency in relationships and continually striving for higher productivity.

We work relentlessly in bringing excellence to commodity supply chains and creating value for our partners and customers. We set high standards for ourselves and our partners in our day-to-day activities.

The Company is strictly committed to providing a diverse and inclusive work environment, free of any unlawful discrimination or harassment.

We focus on attracting, retaining and encouraging a diverse workforce, seeking to create an inclusive and meritocratic environment in which everyone, regardless of their individualities, has the same opportunity.

The Company’s greatest strength lies in the talent and ability of its associates. Since working in partnership with those around us is vital to the Company’s continued success, mutual respect must be the basis for all work relationships. We expect all our employees to treat others with the same respect and dignity that any reasonable person may wish to receive, creating a work environment that is inclusive, supportive and free of harassment and unlawful discrimination.

The talents and skills needed to successfully conduct the business we are involved in are not limited to any particular group of people. Our Company has a long-standing commitment to providing equal employment opportunities.

The Company’s policy of meritocracy ensures equal employment and advancement opportunity for all qualified individuals without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability, marital status or any other basis other than pure performance merit.


We seek to ensure that we employ strong financial discipline in all of our business decisions. Star Global has a clear predisposition towards strong commercial capability across its leadership base.

Our Role in Projects

Star Global plays an immense role in bridging the gap between project end users and mills. With our established International network and thorough knowledge of techno-commercials, we can communicate effectively & quickly with our suppliers & buyers and monitor project orders closely through to delivery readiness and shipment for our customers.