Maintaining a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance.

We have put in sound systems & processes in place to ensure that our management and employees are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies and regulations.

We choose and transact with counter-parties who comply with embargos, sanctions, including all applicable laws, regulations or imposed by national, international, and supranational governments/ organizations.

Compliance is assimilated into our everyday business, that is the DNA of Star global. A well-defined and strong processes strengthen our business operation worldwide.  We seek to maintain a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance throughout our organization and expect the same from other organization we deal with. We will not knowingly assist any third party in breaching the law, or participate in any criminal, fraudulent or corrupt practice in any country.

We have implemented a compliance program that includes a range of policies, procedures, guidelines, training and awareness, monitoring and investigations. All our people as well as contractors, where they are under a relevant contractual obligation must comply with our relevant compliance policies, procedures and guidelines, in addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations in relevant countries.

Governance Structure

Effective governance is a foundation of our performance and success as a company. Our obligations, expectations and intentions are collated in this section, and reinforced regularly at all levels of the company.

Risk Management

Our prudent approach to risk management ensures sustainable business growth and allows us to achieve the highest return on our asset utilization. While we continue to keep an eye on our risk concentrations, our globally diversified portfolio spanned across five continents has reduced risk characteristics.