Business Model

Combined expertise and innovative service for bespoke solutions for any sector or project globally.

Star Global’s business model is one of a kind. We identify customers’ needs and priorities early on and provide solutions that help them achieve their goals.

As a global trader of commodities, we are uniquely diversified by geography, products and expertise. Integrating our expertise in the export finance, sourcing, and logistics as well as exploring arbitrage opportunities sets us apart from our competitors while we help our customers generate value.

This is why we are able to deal with a wide array of requests from a simple range of products supplied as a total package, to a more comprehensive service that might consist of a combination of elements requiring value added services with technical expertise involving multiple sourcing from different locations and countries.

Our Unique Way of Being

It is by combining our expertise and service innovatively and effectively, that we at Star Global can offer our customers a bespoke solution, whatever the sector, or project, wherever in the world.

Re-imagining the Business of Commodities

Guided by our purpose, Star Global is transforming our business model. We are building on our expertise and combined experience of almost 50 years in the commodity trading industry and moving beyond the traditional sourcing, transport and delivery of commodity trading products.