Ethical. Honest. Responsible. People-driven.

A core aspect of our operating model is that our employees are empowered to operate with a high degree of autonomy.

Guided by our strategies and implementation plans, they operate following the key enablers we have set in our business, with a goal of driving operational excellence.

We strive to attract outstanding people and utilize their individual talents and nurture them to provide excellent performance as they are the ones that drive outcomes.  We seek to employ strong financial discipline in all our decision making.  We maintain an empowering culture and innovation driven mindset, so our people are equipped and encouraged to proactively create value in their business dealings, while the company reward them for their entrepreneurial initiatives and creativity.  By maintaining a strong balance sheet, we intend to deliver competitive cost and access to capital so they can easily act when value-creating opportunities present themselves.

With the culture of excellence by meritocracy, we aim to achieve our purpose by strengthening existing businesses through operational excellence and satisfying customer needs.  We secure growth opportunities through entrepreneurial initiatives and value-adding transactions while ensuring sustainability through responsible long-term management.

We encourage our people to act honestly and ethically in all dealings, reinforcing a culture of doing what is always right; to act transparently – being open and honest in providing reports, feedback and ideas.  We encourage our people to adapt an owner’s mindset and identify opportunities and apply commercial and financial acumen to support calculated risk-taking as well as pursue new and innovative ways of delivering value. We advocate accountability for performance and for protecting and enhancing our company’s reputation.

Governance Structure

Effective governance is a foundation of our performance and success as a company. Our obligations, expectations and intentions are collated in this section, and reinforced regularly at all levels of the company.

Risk Management

Our prudent approach to risk management ensures sustainable business growth and allows us to achieve the highest return on our asset utilization. While we continue to keep an eye on our risk concentrations, our globally diversified portfolio spanned across five continents has reduced risk characteristics.