Ensuring sustainable sourcing for ambitious growth plans.

Star Global is a distinct, specialized entity established to centrally manage trading activities and related functions for specific commodities in the steel, raw materials and mining industries.

We responsibly source, transform and deliver steel and raw materials to projects across the world while forging strong partnerships with producers, processors and end-users. We are reinforcing our competitive edge in our core activity as commodities traders, to drive profitability, ensure sustainable sourcing and support the pursuit of our ambitious growth plans.

As the steel and mine markets grow ever more interconnected, we have been taking a more global and innovative approach to commodity trading. We consolidate sources of supply that allow us to have greater supply chain stability and better manage and meet customer demands around the world. We are also taking on other types of transactions, ranging from proprietary trading to asset optimization, derivative market-making, arbitrage, and dynamic hedging of asset portfolios.


We ensure that the customer is regularly advised on his order throughout the delivery schedule through to receipt of materials and as importantly – the correct documentation.

Sectors We Cater to

We are now recognized as “First Class” steel supplier with the ability to competitively source products from the global market place.