Integrated expertise in export finance, sourcing, technicalities, logistics and marketing.

Business Model

Star Global’s business model is one of a kind. We identify customers’ needs and priorities early on and provide solutions that help them achieve their goals.  As a global trader of commodities, we are uniquely diversified by geography, products and expertise. Integrating our expertise in the export finance, sourcing, and logistics as well as exploring arbitrage opportunities sets us apart from our competitors while we help our customers generate value.

Product Portfolio

We offer a wide range of commodities to our customers through well-established working association with steel mills and mine operators across the globe.

Raw Materials

We are a leading participant in the steel-making & other industrial bulk raw materials market with a widespread network across the geographies.


Today, Star Global is recognized as the most consistent and reliable supplier of steel products. With an extensive product portfolio, integrated supply chain and proven international partnership with mills, we commit to distribute high quality steel with timely shipments, to our clients worldwide.

Operational Footprint

Star Global’s footprints are in most of the mega projects in the region.  We are today a pioneer in multi-point sourcing and customized structural steel solutions for oil & gas, construction and power & renewable projects.


Our Projects team is built upon time-tested values of excellence and integrity.  Star Global has earned a reputation of being a specialist in the supply of quality steel packages for projects across all market sectors.

Shipping & Logistics

Our Shipping & Logistics team consist of highly experienced professionals capable of securing competitive freight under the toughest of market conditions and provide reliable shipping solutions for our trading team to meet the international dry bulk and container cargo requirements.


Star Global is a distinct, specialized entity established to centrally manage trading activities and related functions for specific commodities in the steel, raw materials and mining industries.